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Spreadsheet Academy is an initiative to provide the most complete, structured and efficient online courses on spreadsheet solutions, as well as other more specialized data analysis systems.

Open for collaboration

Are you an expert within spreadsheet solutions, business intelligence or other relevant data analysis solutions? Spreadsheet Academy is open for collaboration with industry experts and companies that may want to publish their quality courses and relevant content on this platform.

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Spreadsheet Academy is an undertaking of the Norwegian registered company, Strutz Mapmatix (Norwegian reg. number: NO-995542269).

Spreadsheet Academy handles all online financial transactions through its US based supplier, Teachable Inc. and secure third-party services, Stripe and PayPal.


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Spreadsheet Academy, c/o Strutz Mapmatix, Krillåsveien 31, 1392 Vettre, Norway

Org. number: NO-995542269